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CHC 2.0

CHC 2.0 is coming soon!

Get Involved in the Community of People Working to End Homelessness
See the teams working to deliver a coordinated entry solution

Success for this community-driven project relies on the engagement and support of our community. We are developing CHC 2.0 with community input, ensuring all stakeholders have a chance to contribute their ideas and feedback. This collaboration and teamwork is vital in ensuring we build the right platform for our community’s unique needs.

Client Testing is about to begin!

Beta Testing Phase – A Call for Your Participation: We are seeking individuals with lived experience of homelessness to participate in beta testing. Your feedback will be instrumental in ensuring CHC 2.0 meets real-world needs with ease and efficiency.
What’s Involved:

  • Participation in a 1.5 hour testing session.
  • Compensation: $70 payment upon completion of the testing session. Additional payments for additional testing may be available. All payments will be made via Visa gift card.
  • Location: All sessions will take place at the Grand Rapids Public Library Main Branch – 111 Library St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Who We Need:

  • Those who have navigated homelessness and are willing to commit to all testing sessions. No technology experience is required.

Why It’s Important:

  • Your unique perspective is crucial to creating a truly user-centric system.
Get involved!