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CHC 2.0

CHC 2.0 is coming soon!

What we’re working on

Introducing CHC 2.0 Soft Launch-  Paving the Way for a Transformative Coordinated Entry System

Dear Members of the Continuum of Care, and Valued Community Stakeholders,

In our collective journey to address and alleviate homelessness in our community we are nearing completion of the CHC 2.0 Application to Enhance Kent County’s Coordinated Entry System.  The CHC 2.0 project represents a groundbreaking step forward in our collective work to end homelessness.

As we gear up for the soft launch phase of CHC 2.0, we do so with a sense of cautious optimism and profound responsibility. This period is not merely a preliminary rollout; it is a strategic, data-informed, community-engaged approach to ensuring that our system is not just functional but exemplary.

As we get closer to launching the CHC 2.0 system, we share this important update about our timeline. We are moving forward quickly, but our top priority is to make sure the system works well and meets your needs. We know many of you are eagerly waiting for CHC 2.0, and we are working hard to get it ready.

Our updated timeline, which you’ll find below is designed to be flexible. This means we might adjust some dates to make sure everything in the system is working correctly. We believe taking a bit more time now will make CHC 2.0 better and more reliable in the long run.

We appreciate your patience and support as we work on this. Our goal is to deliver a system that truly helps and makes things easier for everyone involved.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

Soft Launch Expectations:  Fine-tune CHC 2.0, ensuring it is robust, and user-friendly.

We expect to:

  • Shift from focus group engagement with persons who have lived experiences to hands on testing, leveraging insights to shape a CES that is both intuitive and empowering.
  • Shift the focus of collaboration with service providers from consensus building groups and requirement gathering to testing the system and providing experiential feedback, which will be invaluable to our iterative development process.
  • Maintain transparency with our funders and stakeholders, providing regular updates on our progress and incorporating their perspectives into strategic planning.

The soft launch phase is about laying a solid foundation for success. It is about testing our collective assumptions, challenging our designs, and being open to the kind of learning that only comes from real-world application.

As we embark on this critical testing phase, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support and invite your active participation in this next step in our transformative endeavor.

Together, we will refine CHC 2.0 into a tool that not only meets but exceeds our collective aspirations for a more coordinated, compassionate, and effective response to homelessness in our community.

With anticipation and appreciation,

Community Rebuilders

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Updates Timeline

CHC 2.0: Updated Roadmap to Launch:

This is a high level overview of steps to project completion.

Current Phase – Preparation for Soft Launch: January – March 2024:

Goal 1: Finalize and validate the technical readiness of the CHC 2.0 platform.

Goal 2: Communicate the upcoming soft launch to all CoC members, ensuring awareness and engagement

Goal 3: Solicit lived experience Testers and provide orientation

Goal 4: Share Governance recommendations with the CoC

Soft Launch Phase 1 – Live Beta Testing with Lived Experience Participants: Beta Testing Start date: March – April 2024:

Goal 1: Collect qualitative feedback on user experience and system navigation.

Goal 2: Identify and prioritize any technical issues or user concerns for resolution.

Soft Launch Phase 2 – Live Beta Testing with Providers: March – April 2024:

Goal 1: Engage service providers in system testing to assess operational impact and workflow integration.

Goal 2: Finalize training materials and support resources based on provider input.

Stakeholder Demonstration: March – April 2024 :

Goal 1: Showcase system capabilities and initial testing outcomes to funders and stakeholders.

Goal 2: Solicit stakeholder feedback to inform any final strategic adjustments before full launch.

Soft Launch Phase 3 – Final Adjustments: May 2024:

Goal 1: Implement critical adjustments and enhancements arising from beta testing feedback.

Goal 2: Conduct a comprehensive system performance and readiness review to confirm launch readiness.

Official Launch Announcement: June 2024

Goal 1: Announce the official full launch date, highlighting the collaborative effort and anticipated impact.

Post-Launch – Ongoing Monitoring and Support:

Goal 1:Establish a routine for system performance monitoring and user satisfaction assessment with the CoC.

Goal 2: Provide ongoing support and continuous improvement cycles to ensure the CHC 2.0 adapts to evolving needs.

Development Timeline
Updates Timeline


Soft Launch | April 2024

Consensus Building Groups | Ongoing

Arbor Circle – December 2023

ICCF – October 2023

City of Grand Rapids – October 2023

CE Executive Committee – October 2023

Grand Rapids Housing Commission – October 2023

Dégagé Ministries – October 2023

Safe Haven – September 2023

YWCA – September 2023

Family Promise – September 2023

Eviction Prevention Action Team | Prevention – June 2023

Pine Rest Street Reach | Outreach – March 2023

Dwelling Place | PSH – October 2022

System Infrastructure

Output 1: System Infrastructure Investigation | January -June 2022

Output 2: Technology Requirements Defined | January -September 2023

Indicator: Cloud Computing Platform Resources Configured | November 2023

System Security and Privacy

Output 1: Legal, Privacy, Security Investigation for Database and Cloud: Jan-Sept 2022

Output 2: Back up and Disaster Recovery Database and Infrastructure considerations | Jan-Sept 2022

Output 3: Data Admin Risk Assessment | March 2022 – Ongoing

Output 4: Cookies, Privacy, Terms and Conditions, HIPPA Compliance | August 2023

Indicator: Security Management Model configured | June 2023

Indicator: Security Management Model adopted | August 2022

Indicator: Client Privacy Flow Chart Complete | August 2022

Indicator: Finalized Back up and Disaster Recovery | November 2022

Application Programming Interface (API)

Output 1: API investigation State and Vendor | August 2022

Output 2: Beta, Security Requirements are given, Security Layers discussion | September 2022

Output 3: API Negotiations | Sept 2022 – Ongoing

Output 4: API architecture and development | Jan – March 2023

Indicator: HMIS API Development- HUD Assistance with Well sky | August 2023 – Ongoing

Design Phase

Output 1: Requirement Investigation | January 2022 – Ongoing

Output 2: Wireframe Design | July 2022 – September 2023

Output 3: Stakeholder Meetings | January 2022 – December 2023


Indicator: Sign off for Coding | January 2023

Indicator: Code development begins | March 2023

Indicator: Code testing begins | November 2023